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SYL University Academic policy shall be used to enable the university to achieve its academic excellent. This is because the policy clearly indicates what the University provides to the learners. The Policy also gives learners a clear picture of what they are going to attain on completion of their academic studies. For example, the policy shall clarify on how the university manages, administers, teaches and evaluates its learners before they are awarded any certificate of completion. However, the policy is guided by the general principle of guidelines as recommended by the ministry of education. Therefore, the policy enables the university to appropriately handle academic challenges whenever they arise among the management, staff and students periodically.

 The policy also includes information about employment conditions, opportunities, procedures, rules and regulations. It is further used as a working guide throughout employment at the University.

Hence, establishment of a good academic policy shall help the university to gain strong foundation to provide excellent academic services to the learners. SYL University academic policy shall be in line with the following values; honesty, fairness, professionalism, customer responsiveness and responsibility. For that matter, all the University employees shall work hand in hand in order to achieve the policy’s goals and objectives.  

SYL University follows the semester credit hours system. The academic year is divided into two semesters, each semester contains sixteen weeks. The number of credit hours that are allocated to a course per semester is determined by the scope of that particular course.  

So, a minimum of 136 credit hours must be completed for a student to be awarded with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Islamic Economics and Banking, and Education. In the undergraduate program, IT and Health science programs the student shall complete a minimum of 141 credit hours to be able to graduate.




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