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Hodan district. Mogadishu-Somalia

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Rector's Message


Greetings and welcome to the official website of SYL University.

Since its foundation in 2016, SYL University has played a key role in meeting the growing demand for higher education in Somalia. We believe in the importance of delivering quality education for young Somalis.

On behalf of the SYL family, including administration, faculty members, students, and myself, I welcome you to SYL University, a higher education institution with modern academic programmes. SYL University is committed to offering you quality education programs to respond to your educational needs and experiences.

We will strive to employ qualified, experienced and talented faculty capable and willing to provide SYL students with the knowledge, insights, tools and techniques they need to realize their full potential and become productive Somali citizens

At SYL, we strive to create an environment where students can empower themselves, realize their potential, and become the leaders we need for a better future. With this in mind, I hope you make the best of your university experience, and take full advantage of the opportunities, resources and services that are available to you during your studies here. The college years are a time of transformative personal and intellectual growth and exploration, and an opportunity to network and make lifelong friends, connections and memories. We are here to help make this happen for you and to support you in your educational pursuits.

I encourage you to visit our campuses and learn more about the opportunities available to you at SYL University.

Best wishes,

Mr. Mohamed Gure Roble