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Syl University Languages and Translation center

The SYL university’s Languages and Translation Studies is an international teaching and research centre that trains various types of experts in languages, cultures and communication, such as students, teachers, translators, language experts and researchers.  We excel in teaching and research collaboration.

Our language center focuses on different phenomena in languages and cultures, such as multilingualism and language contacts during different times and eras, interaction and variation, language and cognition, translation, as well as literary studies.

The department’s own internship center facilitates and promotes contact between students and partners in industry, institutions or other foreign universities from the outset of the program. Therefore, students can access high-quality internships in Somalia or abroad and receive individual support by the department.

A continuous range of practical seminars, the successful cooperation with the professional association of interpreters and translators in Somalia and Sweden and an annual seminar on setting up a exchange program specifically tailored to the needs of future linguists and translators contribute to the excellent education and training at the department for language and translation studies.

Students of translation studies study the theory and practice of the written transmission of general and specialist texts into another language. In addition, they learn about interpreting skills in different fields such as healthcare, social sector, justice and low and asylum seekers.

Translation studies conveys the firm knowledge required to deal with general and specialist texts in many languages. Students learn the methods and techniques of translation and interpreting, are confronted with scientific topics and acquire advanced skills in the use of translation tools and interpreting situations. Thanks to the range of offered courses and the opportunity to practice, the academic program also strongly fosters intercultural and foreign language skills and competencies.

Students of translation studies study a forward-looking and interdisciplinary subject that enables them to work in many different professions.

The SYL University language and translation center offers interpreting and translating from the mother language (Somali language) to English, Arabic, Swedish and Turkish.

Job Opportunities

Translators can find work in both the private as well as the public sectors:

  • In translation agencies
  • In translation departments of internationally-oriented businesses
  • In translation departments of national and international institutions
  • As language and culture mediators in national and international businesses and in the media
  • Terminology management and software localization
  • Cultural consulting
  • Freelance translation industry
  • Employment or freelancing in technical documentation/editing departments
  • Intercultural communication
  • Organization and management industry as well as national and international institutions


There are cooperation projects with language and translation institutions and universities in Somalia and abroad. The collaboration project signed by SYL University and Lexikon4u (Sweden) is intended to enhance the quality and skills of the students. These cooperation create networks that strengthen the SYL University-Lexikon4u dialogue in research and teaching methods thanks to international, internal and external projects as well as seminar exchange programs


English language course

 Course fees duration
English basics level US $ 10/mth 4 months
English intermediate level US $ 10/mth 4 months
English advance level US $ 10/mth 4 months


Interpreter and translation course

Course Fees Duration
Introduction and ethics of interpreting and translations US $ 10/mth 1 month
Healthcare interpreters and translation + terminology US $ 10/mth 3 months
Social interpreters and translation + terminology US $ 10/mth 3 months
Justice and low interpreters and translation course+ terminology US $ 10/mth 3 months
Interpreting and translating for asylum seekers US $ 10/mth 2 months

How to apply

Here, you’ll find information on how to submit your application, and how to get help.

Once you are ready to apply, follow the steps below.

  1. Complete the online application for

    Apply for a course through its dedicated course page. You can also apply to study our modules individually in many cases.

  1. Submit the application form

Remember to attach any available documents we need and if applicable pay any application fee. We won’t be able to process your application fully until we have received everything we need. However, you can still apply whilst you gather outstanding documentation. We will then write to you requesting this evidence.

To apply for your prior learning to be accredited, please complete the relevant section on the application form.

        3-Await our response

We acknowledge your application by email within 24 hours. This includes a student reference number in case you need to contact us about your application.

  1. Register online and pay course fees

You have until the registration deadline to accept an offer and pay your initial fees. We send you your study materials as soon as they become available.

If you need help with your application.  send us an email:  สล็อตเว็บตรง สล็อตเว็บตรง