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Student Policy

Student Policy

SYL University has in place rules and regulations that all students must adhere to and use as guidelines so as to ensure good conduct and discipline of the learners. Any student that shall behave in a manner contrary to these rules and regulations shall be punished accordingly. It is important to note that the Rules and Regulations Governing the Conduct and Discipline of students are based on Islamic values. Penetration Tester

General Conducts of Students

  • Not keep any dangerous weapon(s) within the University premises.
  • Respect and adhere to the established administrative and academic procedures.
  • Respect one another while at the university or outside the University.
  • Refrain from any conduct that might bring the university or any section or program thereof into disrepute or public odium.  
  • Conduct themselves in all public places with such behavior and dignity as befits their status as scholars and educated citizens.
  • Wear appropriate attire and modestly during study.
  • Avoid all acts of hooliganism, unruly or rowdy behavior, fighting, unreasonable or excessive noise or any other acts likely to cause a breach of peace within or outside the university premises.
  • Avoid drunkenness or other anti-social behavior as would lead to the disturbance of other students, staff, members of university community, or of the general public.
  • Respect the rights and privileges of the members of the University Community at all times.
  • Respect and adhere to the administrative and academic Procedures as per the University policies.
  • Avoid any conduct that might bring the University or any section or program thereof to discredit, ridicule or public odium.
  • Avoid all acts of violence, hooliganism, unruly or rowdy behavior, or any conduct likely to cause a breach of peace and disturbance to others within or outside the University premises.
  • Wear appropriately and responsibly at all times and in particular while attending lecturers.
  • Avoid tampering with firefighting appliances whenever installed and shall use such appliances for firefighting purposes only.
  • Avoid drug abuse such as drinking alcohol and smoking as these behaviors would constitute a disturbance to other students and staff of the University.
  • Avoid making unnecessary noise that may cause disturbance or annoyance to the University community.
  • Attend all lectures, tutorials, seminars and other scheduled courses for instructions unless there is a justifiable reason.
  • Avoid any conduct whose object or logical consequence is to disrupt the University academic operations.
  • Obey all other regulations made by the departments and faculties for the proper conduct of specific programs.
  • Not engage in plagiarism, cheating or any other academic irregularity which may undermine the academic standards of the University.

Attendance Rules

  • Students should attend all classes regularly and punctually
  • Students must be punctual to each lecture hour.  Students coming late to the class by more than thirty minutes will not be given attendance for that period
  • A student with absence of 30% will not be eligible to set the Semester Examinations of the University
  • Students are not permitted to absent themselves without prior permission
  • An application for leave must be submitted in the prescribed form well in advance or at least a day before the leave is required
  • When absence without prior permission is unavoidable the leave application must be submitted on the day of return to the University after the leave period for verification documents
  • Absence without leave for even a part of the day will be counted as absence for one day
  • Students without Identity Card will be marked as absent
  • If a student absents himself/herself for three consecutive days without leave his/her name will be given last warning
  • Even with prior permission, if a student absents oneself, even for a single hour, he/she would be considered as absent for the whole session

Library Rules

  • Readers are not allowed to enter the library with their personal belongings.
  • No reader shall write upon, damage or make marks on any library book 
  • The library is open to all the Students, Faculty and Staff of the University
  • Students, teaching or administrative staff are allowed to borrow books.
  • A reader who fails to return a book on the due date will be charged a sum of $1 per day as fine till he/she returns the book. Such a reader will be allowed to borrow another book till the previous book is returned and fine paid
  • At the end of each semester, the student should return all the books to the library.  Without a clearance certificate (NO DUE) to this effect from the Librarian, the University will not permit a student to register the next semester
  • When filling graduation clearance form, students shall be clear and return all books by remitting dues outstanding against them
  • Dictionaries and books which might be difficult to replace and such other books declared as Reference Books shall not be loaned 
  • Readers shall be responsible for any damage done to the books or other property belonging to the Library of the University.
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