Admission Requirements

The following requirements are supposed to be submitted by any candidate that is interested in joining SYL University

Transfer Admission

The This is relevant to a category of students who leave other colleges and universities before completing their studies but they wish to complete their studies from SYL University.

Such category of students is admitted on the following conditions

Admission Policy

SYL University admits students in the months of July and August every academic year.  The public is informed about the admission deadline using the appropriate communication channels. 

There are two categories of admission at SYL University that is; Direct entrants from high schools and Transferred entrants from other recognized institutions of higher education.  

The personal educational records/achievements of the applicant are very vital for one to be admitted at SYL University. The University has files where applicants’ required details such as the general back ground, academic background and the behavior are recorded.

SYL University endeavors to keep its academic excellence by ensuring that only applicants who meet the minimum requirements set by the admission department are admitted.

During the admission process, the University makes sure there is transparency and fairness to all applicants throughout the whole process. For that matter, every successful applicant is admitted on merit.

The University does not allow any kind of discrimination and therefore applicants from different affiliations such as religion, politics, tribes and clans are encouraged to apply. This system also makes it easy for learners to freely interact with one another and share knowledge since they are from different cultural, religious, political and educational backgrounds.

SYL University has a career guidance department that is responsible for advising applicants on the programs or course to apply for basing on their future prospects and abilities. This assists applicants to make good and relevant choices that will really help them in future.  

Admission at SYL University hugely depends on the availability of places. Hence, the University is strict on the number of students to be admitted to highly competitive courses depending on its capacity.

The Admissions Review Committee is responsible for reviewing appeals or complaints regarding admission of applicants. These appeals can be from prospective students who have their applications rejected or complaints over the legitimacy of a pending application. The Registrar convenes the committee on an ad hoc basis. Appeals from prospective students should come via the Student Grievance form.  The Registrar reports the decisions and recommendations made by the Admissions Review Committee to the Learning and Teaching Committee and Management Committee.