Computer Science and Information Technology

The Faculty of Computer Science and IT offers exciting opportunities.

The Faculty of Computer Science and IT typically offers a wide range of programs and courses related to computer science, information technology, software engineering, computer engineering, and related fields. These programs often cover topics such as programming languages, algorithms, data structures, computer systems and architecture, software development methodologies, database management, networking, and cybersecurity.

Benefits of This faculty

  1. High demand: There is a high demand for professionals with skills in computer science and IT, making it easier to find job opportunities in various industries.
  2. Lucrative salaries: Jobs in computer science and IT often come with competitive salaries and benefits due to the high demand for skilled professionals.
  3. Diverse career options: Graduates can pursue careers in various fields, including software development, cybersecurity, data analysis, network administration, and more.
  4. Continuous learning: The field is constantly evolving, providing opportunities for professionals to continue learning and stay updated with the latest technologies.
  5. Creativity and innovation: Computer science and IT are at the forefront of innovation, allowing professionals to work on exciting projects and develop new solutions to complex problems.
  6. Global opportunities: The skills learned in computer science and IT are in demand worldwide, providing opportunities for international travel and work.
  7. Flexibility: Many jobs in computer science and IT offer flexibility in terms of work hours and location, allowing professionals to maintain a good work-life balance.


Department of Computer Science

This Department Offer 4 years undergraduate program.

Department of Information Technology

This Department Offer 4 years undergraduate program.